We didn't have Krabi on our list at all, but our next island destination only had ferries running from Phuket or Krabi. We figured since we already had plans to visit Phuket later, we'd stay a few nights in Krabi before catching the ferry to the Yao Islands. So in our attempt to escape Phi Phi, we hopped over to Ao Nang, Krabi. Thailand routeThe map to the right shows the ground (and water) we've been covering since Bangkok.

So we took the short ferry over to Ao Nang and since we had learned our lesson twice over about showing up without accommodation booked, we had booked something in advance and were pleased to spend 4 nights in a big room with hot water.

As we walked the streets I realized that Ao Nang should really be called Little Finland.  I have never seen or heard so many Finns in one place outside of Finland. I was feeling at home and missing the motherland. Restaurant menus were in Finnish, Finnish flags were strewn about and I no longer felt like I was in Thailand.

While the beach itself was not that impressive (we didn't even go in the water) we were happy to roam around and sleep in a comfy bed.

We've been averaging one day trip per island and this was no different. On this day trip we visited Tup Island, Poda Island, Chicken Island, and Railay Beach. The rock formations are fantastic in every locale and Railay Beach proved to be most impressive. Here you can't miss Phra Nang Cave where people leave quite phallic offerings for a princess of the past. Read more about it here.

Please enjoy the pics from my digital underwater camera.

AoNang_1 AoNang_2 AoNang_3 AoNang_4 AoNang_5 AoNang_6AoNang_7 AoNang_8 AoNang_9 AoNang_10 AoNang_11 AoNang_12 AoNang_13 AoNang_14 AoNang_15 AoNang_16 AoNang_17So there you have it. Another day trip under our belt. Next we head to the Yao Islands where we celebrated my 30th birthday and the fact that we found some quiet, undeveloped land.