Phi Phi, Thailand | Part 2

So now that you've seen how Phi Phi has been destroyed by spring break behavior, let's see what is around the island. We took a day trip that brought us to other nearby islands. The first stop felt more like a Universal Studios tour. We were off to Maya Bay which is famous for being the backdrop for the movie The Beach staring Leonardo DiCaprio. This apparent secret beach is now an obvious tourist trap. (All photos on this post are from my digital underwater camera) PhiPhi_19 PhiPhi_21We anchor and swim to the ladder as seen in the below picture to access the beach. As you will see, the secluded beach is now engulfed by tourists and boats. For shame!

PhiPhi_20 PhiPhi_23 PhiPhi_24 PhiPhi_22PhiPhi_25 PhiPhi_26Next stop? Monkey beach!

PhiPhi_27 PhiPhi_28We head to another island and swim to shore. It is also FULL of tourists but we quickly round the island to find some quiet.

PhiPhi_29 PhiPhi_30 PhiPhi_31 PhiPhi_32 PhiPhi_33 PhiPhi_34 PhiPhi_35 PhiPhi_36 PhiPhi_37 PhiPhi_38 PhiPhi_39Lastly, we head to an area called shark point.

By this time the sun was going down and we decided to skip getting back into the water.

PhiPhi_40 PhiPhi_41 PhiPhi_42The sun goes down and we are back to the amusement park of Phi Phi Don. Time to get out of here! We leave Phi Phi and head to Ao Nang, Krabi!