Marseille, France

Our last two nights in France we spent in Marseille. Though we were both battling colds, we still made it out to see the sights. We stayed near Vieux-Port which is filled with outdoor cafés and docked sailboats you wish you owned. We stayed on land the first day and explored the Cathedral of Marseille. On the second day we hopped on a ferry to Château d'If & Port Frioul. Tip: If you head to Port Frioul, pack a picnic, blanket, and a bathing suit!


Les Calanques - Cassis, France

Took a drive down to Cassis to check out the amazing Calanques on the Mediterranean. I would have loved to have gone for a dip but the water wasn't quite summer ready. We also stopped by a local winery for a tasting because this region is known for their Rosés.

A calanque (from the Corsican and Occitan words of pre-Indo-European origin calanca (plural calanche in Corsican, calancas in Occitan) with meaning "inlet" ) is a steep-walled inlet, cove, or bay that is developed in limestone, dolomite, or other carbonate strata and found along the Mediterranean coast. A calanque is a steep-sided valley formed within karstic regions either by fluvial erosion or the collapse of the roof of a cave that has been subsequently partially submerged by a rise in sea level.

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Montagne Sainte-Victoire

From our window here in Aix en Provence, Mont Sainte-Victoire is visible.Most notably known for being the subject of Cézanne's paintings (see below), we knew the mountain would be inspirational.Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 8.28.56 PM

We took a drive around the mountain, stopped for a hike, and discovered vineyards at the foot of the mountain. Below is our route and all the inspiration the mountain poured into my camera.

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