Palolem Beach | Goa, India

Palolem_1Our last stop in Goa we planned was Palolem Beach, which is a short ride south of Agonda. We had reserved an oceanfront cottage, which we found was a short trek from the main action (thank goodness). The cottages were nestled among a rocky cove (ours is the one on the left in the photo above) and we were literally steps to the water. The accommodations were as simple as they come. The panoramic photo below makes it look more charming than it really is. Palolem_2 Palolem_3However, our view from the terrace was amazing!

Palolem_4 Palolem_5 Palolem_6Palolem_7 Palolem_8Palolem_9After we settled in we headed to the main beach where we quickly noticed signs posted in Russian, which meant that awful techno beats weren’t far behind.

Palolem_10 Palolem_11 Palolem_12 Palolem_13 Palolem_14We were beginning to miss Agonda and were beginning to feel like we were back in Baga. As we strolled the crowded shore, got hassled just as in the north, we were less impressed with Palolem and both had the same thought at the same time.

Let’s go back to Agonda.

We had already paid for 3 nights upfront and decided we’d spend the duration of the week back in Agonda in our cozy air-conditioned tent. Never thought I’d be itching for a tent, but after a few nights on a hard mattress with our neighbor snoring the night away, club music until 3am, fireworks, cockroach killings, and trying to identify if we had lizard or mouse droppings, the novelty of a bare bones ocean shack started to thin.

Agonda, we miss you.

We enjoyed our view for the 3 nights and kept cocooned in our cove.

Palolem_15 Palolem_16 Palolem_17 Palolem_18 Palolem_19 Palolem_20Rick looks like Robinson Crusoe while reading Robinson Crusoe.

Palolem_21So now we are back Agonda, loving the peace and quiet.

Friday we fly to Kerala to continue our journey south.