Agonda Beach | Goa, India

Agonda_titleAfter countless dinners to the tune or cacophony of bad club music, we were excited to head south where we heard it was quiet and very different than the north. A two-hour drive south took us to Agonda Beach. Days prior to arriving, we had confirmed our accommodation booking only to find out the manager we had been dealing with via email and to whom we had already paid a 40% deposit was now telling us that we owed him an additional 2500 Indian Rupees on top of what we had initially agreed upon. We went back and forth via email only for him to admit his initial agreement was a calculation error on his part, but that he wouldn’t honor the mistake. This place reeked of bad business and we knew we were going to have to face this genius of a manager upon arrival. Well, maybe not upon arrival. The first thing we did was put our stuff in our dingy room (while other nicer rooms next to us were completely empty) and walked down the beach to find other accommodations. We had decided to stay the 3 nights which we had paid for and then to get the hell out of there. The manager, knowing we had checked in, had not bothered to find us the first day and by the time he happened upon us on the 2nd day, we already had one foot out the door. Blessing in disguise? Lesson learned? Never stay at Simrose in Agonda Beach. We ended up at H20 Agonda where we ended up ‘glamping’ in our luxury tent complete with A/C, outdoor-ish bathroom and shower with hot water.

(Picture below taken from their website)

Agonda_1The tents are close enough to the water that we could hear the waves crashing when we’d crawl into the comfy bed. For a nightly rate that was just $3 more than what we would’ve been paying at Simrose, we were happy ‘glampers.’ We’d have our morning coffee in the airy lounge that overlooked the ocean and then find our way to the sun beds that were more cabana style.

Agonda_2 Agonda_3 Agonda_4 Agonda_5 Now let’s talk about the beach. Best beach in India thus far. It’s quiet and beautiful with lush green surroundings without the hassle of people constantly trying to sell you things. Unlike the north, this beach is lined with oceanfront huts and it’s clear there is a strong yoga presence. This is what I’m talking about!

Agonda_6 Agonda_7 Agonda_8 Agonda_9 Agonda_10 Agonda_11 Agonda_12 Agonda_13 Agonda_14 Agonda_15 Agonda_16 Agonda_17 Agonda_18When the tide is low, it's possible to reach a small strip of beach at the south end which we made our yoga at sunset spot.

It's a bit more rocky and quite photogenic.

Agonda_19 Agonda_20 Agonda_21 Agonda_22 Agonda_23 Agonda_24 Agonda_25 Agonda_26 Agonda_27Agonda_28 Agonda_29 Agonda_30Agonda is lovely and we wish we had more time here.

We continue south on Friday when we head to Palolem.