Jaipur, India | Part 2

We decided to take a day trip out of Jaipur and I'm going to call it, the photography prohibited day trip. Nearly every attraction we visited did not allow photos, so my apologies for no visuals. I assure you it was interesting. We went to Ajmer and Puskar which are about a 2.5 hour drive out of Jaipur. The most interesting part of Ajmer was our visit to Dargah. After haggling with an auto rickshaw driver, me putting on a head scarf and Rick purchasing a Muslim cap, we dropped our shoes off in a random shop and walked barefoot (glad I got that tetanus shot in Finland) to the pilgrimage site. Inside people were praying, selling things, you name it. It was somewhat hectic upon entering but an interesting site nonetheless. We then got to Pushkar which is sort of like a mini Varanasi with bathing ghats around the small lake. It was quite photogenic, if only you could take photos (I sneaked a few below). They claim the photo discretion is for holy purposes but we soon find out it's really just about money. Isn't it always? If you don't buy flower offerings for a water side puja, you can't take photos. So sadly, the only photos I snapped from this day trip are the 5 below.  The last one is of our driver getting some pampering before we headed back.Pushkar_1 Pushkar_2Pushkar3Pushkar_4The next day once back in Jaipur we did our second round of sightseeing. We were off to City Palace and Hawa Mahal.

City Palace...Jaipur2_1 Jaipur2_2 Jaipur2_3 Jaipur2_4 Jaipur2_5 Jaipur2_6Hawa Mahal... Jaipur2_9 Jaipur2_10 Jaipur2_11 Jaipur2_12 Jaipur2_13 Jaipur2_14 Jaipur2_15 Jaipur2_16 Jaipur2_17While walking around the streets we stumbled across a photographer who shoots with an old 4x5 camera and develops and prints on the spot. This apparently is a family tradition that started with his grandfather. We were hooked! Jaipur2_19 Jaipur2_20 Jaipur2_21 Jaipur2_22 Jaipur2_23 Jaipur2_24And now for some street scenes...Jaipur2_8Jaipur2_18Jaipur2_25 Jaipur2_26 Jaipur2_27 Jaipur2_28 Jaipur2_29 Jaipur2_30 Jaipur2_31 Jaipur2_32 Jaipur2_33 Jaipur2_34 Jaipur2_35