Jaipur, India | Part 1

The first few days in Jaipur we were holed up in our hotel because we were both still battling Delhi Belly. Luckily I had picked up some antibiotics in Finland for just the bacterial occasion. We got tired of wavering between feeling starving and nauseous and grew tired of talking about our bathroom habits. Now as we are recovering we are dreaming about things like sushi, salads with artichoke hearts, fromage from France, gelato from Italy, and I even had a dream about a bakery with every kind of muffin in it. But then I woke up and realized I was far from any of my food fantasies. I love Indian food but after being sick for two weeks from what I suspect was a Malai Kofta dish which I ironically announced "This is the best Malai Kofta I've had," my body has begun to fear it and now I'm dreaming about baked goods.

We had enough strength on our fourth day to finally do a bit of sightseeing. We decided to head for the forts.  Amer Fort, Jaigarh Fort, & Nahagarh Fort. We finished off the day with Jal Mahal which stands in the middle of a lake.

Jaipur_Marianna Jamadi-1 Jaipur_Marianna Jamadi-2 Jaipur_Marianna Jamadi-3 Jaipur_Marianna Jamadi-4 Jaipur_Marianna Jamadi-5 Jaipur_Marianna Jamadi-6 Jaipur_Marianna Jamadi-7 Jaipur_Marianna Jamadi-8 Jaipur_Marianna Jamadi-9 Jaipur_Marianna Jamadi-10 Jaipur_Marianna Jamadi-11 Jaipur_Marianna Jamadi-12 Jaipur_Marianna Jamadi-13 Jaipur_Marianna Jamadi-14 Jaipur_Marianna Jamadi-15 Jaipur_Marianna Jamadi-16 Jaipur_Marianna Jamadi-17 Jaipur_Marianna Jamadi-18 Jaipur_Marianna Jamadi-19 Jaipur_Marianna Jamadi-20 Jaipur_Marianna Jamadi-21 Jaipur_Marianna Jamadi-22Jaipur_Marianna Jamadi-23 Jaipur_Marianna Jamadi-24 Jaipur_Marianna Jamadi-25 Jaipur_Marianna Jamadi-26Of course our driver then wanted to take us to some shops to close out the day but we kindly declined the cottage industry offer.