Hello 2016. You look good.

2015, you were a wild beast, so beautiful in your madness. I'm not sure if I spent more time in the country or out of the country but surely I know I was constantly moving. Constantly packing and unpacking, constantly slathering on bug spray, scratching mosquito bites, scratching my brain, boarding planes, getting my passport stamped, taking pictures, taking a breath, taking a moment, taking it all in, but it didn't quite feel like I was ever taking my time. I got swept up in momentum and the pace got to be too fast for me to keep up with Nomadic Habit and there were points that the momentum outpaced me. I began chasing myself. Reaching for my feet as to catch myself. Of course there were times that the momentum felt amazing, like I was riding a wave. Maybe I wasn't catching myself, but I was catching air, and in those moments, there was nothing better than that. I had thrown myself into El Camino, a travel company I had co-founded and I was committed to the hustle. Through it, in 2015, I traveled a lot, met amazing people, and learned so much about the industry and myself. The experience was incredible.

But as life shifted and priorities surfaced, I realized I desperately missed my own work, my own photography, my own words, and this blog. 2016 marks a new chapter for me as I will now be pursuing my own craft and will no longer be committed to El Camino. The decision wasn't an easy one, as many endings are bittersweet, but I feel excited to concentrate on my artistry and look forward to seeing El Camino continue on the path of success.

So with that being said, I can't wait to dive back into this blog. I am eager to share stories, photos, and words with you. 2016 is looking mighty bright. What's on tap?

Heading to Cartagena, Colombia in February to work on my VSCO Artist Initiative project, then it's off to adventure on a trek to Machu Picchu, an Amazon cruise in Peru, and then who knows where the wind will take me.

Where the wind will take me, I will take you.

Happy New Year everyone. Thanks for still following. Thanks for still believing.