When I started on my journey up the California coast to document a story of evolution (as seen on VSCO journal) my first stop was Ojai Rancho Inn of Shelter Social Club. Parked in the backyard was an extremely photogenic airstream trailer that I thought was part of the property. It exuded a sort of nostalgia and aesthetic that was fitting. 

Come to find out, it was fitting, just not deliberately part of Ojai Rancho Inn. Inside the lovely beauty, I found Branden Peak who has been traveling in his airstream for about two years. A fellow nomad who has really embraced the art of simple travel and simple living. A trip to Nicaragua spurred his quest to live a simpler life here in the states. 

Branden and I spent the evening chatting about our nomadic experiences and it was clear to me that he is thoughtful in his approach to living, brilliant in the way he sustains himself, and overall has a quality about him that is healing and inspiring to anyone who encounters him.

I sat down with him and spoke candidly about how and why he embraced this lifestyle, the surprises that have come along with it, and the fears that appear and disappear with this territory. Listen to our chat below. 

"Always what I craved was never isolation, it was always expansion." ~ BRANDEN PEAK

Even though Branden may lack the luxury of a walk in closet, he is surely not lacking style. Here he is decked out in TOPO DESIGNS.

Follow Branden along wherever the wind takes him on his instagram @spacetimetimespace