Phnom Penh, Cambodia

After the magic of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, we took a cramped minivan to Phnom Penh. This would serve as our base for visiting the killing fields and genocide museum. While it proved to be quite a heavy visit and before I get to posting about those two places, this is a look into Phnom Penh, which is quite colorful and ripe for picture taking. PhnomPenh_1 PhnomPenh_2 PhnomPenh_3 PhnomPenh_4 PhnomPenh_5 PhnomPenh_6 PhnomPenh_7 PhnomPenh_8 PhnomPenh_9 PhnomPenh_10 PhnomPenh_11 PhnomPenh_12 PhnomPenh_13 PhnomPenh_14 PhnomPenh_15 PhnomPenh_16 PhnomPenh_17 PhnomPenh_18 PhnomPenh_19 PhnomPenh_20 PhnomPenh_21 PhnomPenh_22 PhnomPenh_23 PhnomPenh_24 PhnomPenh_25 PhnomPenh_26 PhnomPenh_27 PhnomPenh_28