Angkor Wat, Cambodia | Part 1

Now that we've explored Siem Reap, it's time to see what we really came here for... Angkor Wat! While Angkor Wat is the main temple that you think of when you think of Angkor, the area is filled with different ruins and the task of exploration takes two days. You can buy a 1 day ticket for $20, or a 2 or 3 day ticket for $40. It's best to explore the area by hiring a tuk tuk for the day which is exactly what we did. The drive is beautiful, lovely, and peaceful. Angkor Wat is well kept and impressive, but I particularly loved the more unruly temples and ruins that the earth appears to be claiming back, one tree root at a time. Trees devour the temples like an ancient stone meal and it looks as if Medusa's hearty locks are in the form of roots. The decay is terrifyingly beautiful, and it's apparent that earth's mouth is hungry for man's meal.

AngkorWat_1 AngkorWat_2 AngkorWat_3 AngkorWat_4 AngkorWat_5 AngkorWat_6 AngkorWat_7 AngkorWat_8 AngkorWat_9 AngkorWat_10 AngkorWat_11 AngkorWat_12 AngkorWat_13 AngkorWat_14 AngkorWat_15 AngkorWat_16 AngkorWat_17 AngkorWat_18AngkorWat_19_1 AngkorWat_20 AngkorWat_21 AngkorWat_22 AngkorWat_23 AngkorWat_24 AngkorWat_25 AngkorWat_26 AngkorWat_27 AngkorWat_28 AngkorWat_29 AngkorWat_30 AngkorWat_31 AngkorWat_32 AngkorWat_33 AngkorWat_34 AngkorWat_35Don't these ruins look like such a delicious meal? Stay tuned for Part 2!