SNORKELING | Koh Lipe, Thailand

So now you've seen that Koh Lipe is ridiculously beautiful. But what is it like just below the surface? While in Bangkok, I bought a cheap waterproof camera that could afford to get tossed around in the waves. We went on a snorkeling day trip to neighboring islands where I got to test out the camera.

Snorkeling_Koh_Lipe_1 Snorkeling_Koh_Lipe_2 Snorkeling_Koh_Lipe_3 Snorkeling_Koh_Lipe_4 Snorkeling_Koh_Lipe_5Snorkeling_Koh_Lipe_6 Snorkeling_Koh_Lipe_7Snorkeling_Koh_Lipe_8Snorkeling_Koh_Lipe_9 Snorkeling_Koh_Lipe_10Snorkeling_Koh_Lipe_11 Snorkeling_Koh_Lipe_12 Snorkeling_Koh_Lipe_13 Snorkeling_Koh_Lipe_14 Snorkeling_Koh_Lipe_15 Snorkeling_Koh_Lipe_16 Snorkeling_Koh_Lipe_17 Snorkeling_Koh_Lipe_18Snorkeling_Koh_Lipe_19 Snorkeling_Koh_Lipe_20 Snorkeling_Koh_Lipe_22 Snorkeling_Koh_Lipe_23 Snorkeling_Koh_Lipe_24Snorkeling was fun, but the highlight in Koh Lipe was my first scuba dive! Rick is certified and he took me on a discover dive where I got a taste for sea life. Unfortunately, my camera does not work in such depths but Rick took this shot of me as we were suiting up!Β Once underwater my inner Pisces took hold and I felt like I was in my element. It won't be my last dive.


Thanks Koh Lipe.