FISH SPA | Bangkok, Thailand

When I think of going to a spa, I usually think of getting a relaxing massage or calming treatment that has me lingering in a state of nirvana. The fish spa is not my gateway to nirvana. Not at all. This coming from a Pisces.

The fish are supposed to eat your dead skin skills as to clean your feet, but I am not into being fish food. Read about the history of the fish spa here.

Rick goes first as he has done this before and I use the 15 minutes to work up the courage to stick my feet into an aquarium of hungry fish.

IMG_2937 IMG_2948

Now these fish have a foot fetish.

It's my turn and the evidence of discomfort is all over my face. Countless fish gnawing at my dead skin cells does not feel good. Beauty is pain? Has it been 15 minutes yet? Help! This is like tickle torture!

IMG_2955 IMG_2962

The good news is I survived without peeing myself.

And now, enjoy 1 minute at a fish spa near Khao San Road in Bangkok...

FISH SPA from Nomadic-Habit on Vimeo.