Backwaters | Kerala, India

Kerala is synonymous with the backwaters. A houseboat tour is a must. We opted for a 7 hour tour where the day was split between time on a country boat (smaller, canoe type boat) that allowed us to explore smaller canals, and in the afternoon we boarded a houseboat for larger waterways. We had entertained an overnight houseboat trip or a day trip and we are glad we decided on just the day jaunt. We had heard the backwaters were a bit over-hyped and I think we'd agree. It was lush as expected but perhaps not as mind blowing as we had hoped. Nevertheless, I'd recommend it and am glad to have seen the area. Here we start the tour on the country boat...

Kerala Backwaters_1 Kerala Backwaters_2 Kerala Backwaters_3 Kerala Backwaters_4 Kerala Backwaters_5We stop at a few destinations where various products are made like coconut oil, spices, & coconut fiber rope.

Kerala Backwaters_6 Kerala Backwaters_7 Kerala Backwaters_8 Kerala Backwaters_9 Kerala Backwaters_10 Kerala Backwaters_11 Kerala Backwaters_12 Kerala Backwaters_13 Kerala Backwaters_14 Kerala Backwaters_15 Kerala Backwaters_16 Kerala Backwaters_17In the afternoon we headed to an island where we were served a delicious lunch. The rest of the afternoon was spent on a houseboat that lazily crawled around the waterways. It was so calming that I was fighting my appetite for a nap.

Kerala Backwaters_18 Kerala Backwaters_19 Kerala Backwaters_20 Kerala Backwaters_21 Kerala Backwaters_22 Kerala Backwaters_23Kerala Backwaters_24 Kerala Backwaters_25 Kerala Backwaters_26 Kerala Backwaters_27 Kerala Backwaters_28 Kerala Backwaters_29 Kerala Backwaters_30 Kerala Backwaters_31 Kerala Backwaters_32For more information regarding the backwaters, check out Kerala Tourism's latest backwaters campaign


Next stop? The tea plantations of Munnar.