Udaipur, India

Udaipur is known as the "Venice of India," and we were eager to find out if this comparison rang true. (Secretly wishing there was also comparable gelato). We have been traveling from busy city to busy city and we found Udaipur a nice break from the madness. We stayed at Jheel's Guesthouse right on the lake and they serve coffee drinks from a legit Espresso maker with baked goods, so our stomachs welcomed the rehabilitation. We also were able to breathe a sigh of relief that we weren't being bombarded on the streets. We could actually walk! And the cow dung density was finally in our favor. We were here during Diwali so there were a few nights of fireworks at every corner and I feared for my limbs and ear drums.

Oh, and you might recognize the floating palace in the lake from the James Bond movie Octopussy.

Below is a view of our guesthouse facing the lake... Udaipur_1 Udaipur_2 Udaipur_3 Udaipur_4Udaipur_5 Udaipur_6 Udaipur_7 Udaipur_8 Udaipur_9 Udaipur_10 Udaipur_11 Udaipur_12We visited the nearby City Palace which is also perfectly set on the shore.

Udaipur_13 Udaipur_14 Udaipur_15 Udaipur_16 Udaipur_17The following day we took a boat ride around the lake in a haze... (James Bond Palace below)

Udaipur_18 Udaipur_19 Udaipur_20 Udaipur_21 Udaipur_22 Udaipur_23Diwali, the festival of lights provided some nice night mood lighting. Udaipur_24 Udaipur_25 Udaipur_26 Udaipur_27 Udaipur_28 Udaipur_29 Udaipur_30 Udaipur_31 Udaipur_32Our last Udaipur excursion was a 4 hour horseback riding expedition...

Udaipur_33 Udaipur_34 Udaipur_35 Udaipur_36 Udaipur_37 Udaipur_38 Udaipur_39So, Udaipur was the less congested, calmer break that we needed. Phew.

Tomorrow we head to Mumbai!