Thar Desert, India

When we got to India we noticed the camels are much taller albeit a bit more worn than the camels in Mongolia. We couldn’t pass up a chance at a third go with these creatures. Soon enough we will be expert camel riders. We decided on a day trip out of Jodhpur that would have us at the edge of the Thar Desert in just 1 ½ hours. We stopped for lunch at a tourist tent camp where for the first time in India, we found quiet. “Do you hear that?” We asked. It was the sweet sound of silence. It almost felt like Mongolia for a second. We ate a meal of tourist trap price proportions and we were on our way to the camels. Thar_Marianna_Jamadi_1 Thar_Marianna_Jamadi_2Thar_Marianna_Jamadi_3One thing I love about India is that everything is decorated… from their trucks, to their tuk-tuks, to even their camels. These camels were more accessorized than I could compete with not to mention tall! We rode for 1.5 hours through desert brush and small dunes. They weren’t quite Gobi dunes, but I doubt that experience can be trumped. Thar_Marianna_Jamadi_4 Thar_Marianna_Jamadi_5 Thar_Marianna_Jamadi_7 _MG_1930 Thar_Marianna_Jamadi_9 Thar_Marianna_Jamadi_10 Thar_Marianna_Jamadi_11 Thar_Marianna_Jamadi_12 Thar_Marianna_Jamadi_13 _MG_1947 Thar_Marianna_Jamadi_15 Thar_Marianna_Jamadi_16 Thar_Marianna_Jamadi_17 Thar_Marianna_Jamadi_18 Thar_Marianna_Jamadi_19When we got back in the car we got stuck waiting for a train to cross, meanwhile kids clamored to our windows asking for money, chocolate, pens, etc. One girl in particular caught my eye. It was her big eyes and pixie cut that I fell in love with. Thar_Marianna_Jamadi_20 I gave them some candy and we made faces at each other through the window until they spotted other tourists ripe for the touting.

Below is an animated gif I made as they fought to be in frame.

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