Day 2 starts with breakfast at 8:30am and we hit the road by 9am. We drive for the bulk of the day and we are like batter in a bowl by the time we peel ourselves out of the van.

The view is worth the shake up. 13We occasionally see other tour vans taking a similar route and this day the drivers of 2 other vans — who are clearly buddies with our driver, stick near each other for a portion of the day. I'm thinking it's because these "roads" are brutal and the buddy system may be important in a possible breakdown. 2We drive for hours until lunch time where we find ourselves perched hillside for a break.

Lunch and dinner usually consists of some sort of pasta or rice with a bit of vegetables and meat.4 5.1Rick and I found some pretty awesome rocks in these parts and we stuff them in our pockets before we set off in the van again. The landscape changes yet again and long, luscious shadows layer the land only to then find ourselves in the middle of hills that are of a reddish hue. I have never seen such a thing! They are of such saturation that I fear my eyes have fooled me.5 6We finally arrive at Tsagaan Suvarga, also known as Painted Desert. We start at the bottom and drive perilously to the top where the view is nothing but spectacular. The desert floor looks like it had a field day with red and orange splatter paint. 7 8 9 10.1 10 11 1213 14 15We get back in the van and find our home for the evening...16 17We say hello to the family which consists of a grandmother and her grandchild.

Here we try dried goat curd and I get to photograph the space in which they live.18 24 23 22I love that below is where all things hang; purse, baseball hat, cell phone, jacket, meat...

It's the ultimate nomadic hanger.21 20Dried mutton hangs feet from us. Mutton jerky? Who's in?25Since there is little vegetation in the area, these families burn dung to keep the fire going.

Below is a bucket ready to burn baby burn.26Here is our host and her cute grandson.27 29 30 31She sets out in the evening to collect dung for future fires... 32 33 34Our views are incredible and as night falls the vastness of beauty across the land is overwhelming. The sun setting and the moon rising were equally impressive. Where to shoot?!?! They corralled the livestock and Rick found his Capricorn self among his kind. 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 Day 2, you were lovely as ever.