Khoboy Cape - Olkhon Island

There are plenty of tours to choose from on Olkhon Island and we decided to pick one: Khoboy Cape. Khoboy Cape is the Northern cape of Olkhon Island. In Buryat language Khoboy means ‘fang’ or ‘grinder’. A huge fang-shaped stone dominates over the cape. Approaching it from the sea, you will see a big piece of rock that looks like a figure of a woman. The locals call it ‘a Virgin’. The legend has it that a woman that asked for the same wealthy house as one of her husband was turned by Tengries to a stone. The spirits declared she would be a stone till evil and envy occurs between people.

Since we visited Nordkapp (North Cape) in Norway, we found ourselves in a cape kind of mood and wanted to see if the two northern capes were comparable. (Hopefully this one wouldn't be lost in the fog!)

We braced ourselves for another minivan adventure. Compared to our broken down van from Irkutsk, the tour vans are stylistically much more interesting. However, style doesn't mean comfort. Bumpy roads equate to jumbled brains and bruised body parts.

The driver doesn't speak any English and we make a few stops before we get to Khoboy Cape.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7Once we arrive at Khoboy Cape, we have 1 hour to hike around while the driver prepares us lunch.

The views are quite spectacular and it is evident that Khoboy is a sacred site for Shamans.

We tuck 10 rubles among the ribbons as an offering.8 9 10 11We find our way back to our van where our driver is blasting music while preparing our lunch.

What's on the menu?

fish soup + sandwiches + salad + tea + biscuits

All delicious.

I think I can safely say that I will never have a man cook me fish soup in a bucket with camo PJ pants ever again.12 13 14Our next stop is Lover's Rock or also called Lover's Cape.

According to tradition, this fertile rock will grant you a girl if you walk to the right and a boy if you want to the left. 15 16 17 18Our last stop was the only area on the east side of the island that is boat accessible.

While the west side has long stretches of sandy beaches, the east side is predominately rocky cliffs that don't allow for beaches.19 20 21 22The tour itself lasted from 10am-5pm and the dust from all the roads was lodged into our sinuses.

Neti Pot, where are you when I need you?