Family Faces

Part of this trip for me is all about connecting the dots of my family. As a first generation American, we were always traveling across oceans to visit my mother’s Finnish side and my father’s Indonesian side. These countries are not only different in matters of culture, but most noticeably, in physical features. My mother, the blonde haired, blue-eyed Finn married the tan, Indonesian with dark features and had 3 girls that have left many people confused. I’ve been asked if I am Russian, Hispanic, Hawaiian, Brazilian, and the list goes on. So who looks like who in my family? The first and last part of this trip was planned around my family’s geographic locales. The first family leg is over as we have now left Finland. The beautiful faces below are of family faces that I have thus far had the pleasure to snap in California, France, Germany, and Finland. The black and white passport photos are of my late grandmother and grandfather on my mother’s side and the painting is of my great grandfather Santeri Mäkelä.