So we were already in the Arctic Circle when we got to Lapland but my uncle had other ideas that had us heading towards the north pole. Nordkapp in Norway at 71.0189° N was our destination. This post covers our drive to and from Nordkapp (About 24 hours total). The goal was to reach Nordkapp at midnight to see the midnight sun since it never goes down. We stopped along the way for photos, saw a major reindeer migration (no big deal), I took a dip in the Barents Sea (COLD!), and when we got to the picturesque cliffs of Nordkapp after our 10 hour drive, we were sitting thick in the clouds with little to no visibility and little to no luck. And then we drove home. (WHAT!?!) For another 10 hours or so. We would've liked to stop and well, sleep, but my uncle and his friend had their own ideas and wanted to head back (crazy).

So this was our speed trip to Nordkapp. I have to say that the landscape was incredible! Vast & beautiful in a sort of lonely and desolate way. I really felt like I was on top of the world.

If you want to see what Nordkapp looks like sans fog, you can find more information here.

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