by MARI JAMADI Wait, what about good stuff?

Rick is right, we actually need very little in our day to day and while preparing for this trip I became adept at purging all that felt expendable. (All the bad stuff). I chucked most of my possessions (good riddance) but found myself holding tight to certain items that embody some sort of nostalgia. (The good stuff).

Coming home to the house I grew up in, I am reminded that these walls are filled with both the good and bad stuff. Keeping up with the purging cycle, I've been helping my dad get rid of the extraneous tucked into all sorts of corners and drawers, only to discover so much good stuff! Collections of good stuff!


Now what? What do we keep? What do we toss? How do we determine where this stuff falls on the good/bad scale?


The irony is that while I am here purging everything to travel the world, all the good stuff my dad has acquired comes from exactly that- traveling the world.


So should we get rid of our bad stuff, acquire better stuff, in order to have only good stuff?