_MG_7127 Photography is somewhat of an addiction for me (ask Rick who often finds me "shooting" up and suffering from withdrawals at all hours of the day). I discovered photography on my own and then later discovered that my dad was a closet photographer. Growing up I remember him taking photos and lugging a VHS recorder all over the world during our travels, but I thought that's just what dads did. It was only later when I became interested in photography that I realized he had old camera gear from the gods and hundreds of slides with images from exotic places. Upon this discovery, I had started scanning his slides and realized... WE TAKE THE SAME PICTURES! Whether it's the subject matter, the composition, or the shapes, we were in each others photos. Did I really discover photography on my own? Did all the years of being around his camera rub off of me? Or did he give me the photography gene?

How could I best illustrate this visual connection? Perhaps by putting our images side by side. A year or so ago I made him a book that showed the beauty of this discovery. See a few of my favorite spreads below. Dad's photos on the left, mine on the right. Ironically, I will be visiting a few of the same locales in his images below — Myanmar, India, Nepal.