Worrier to Warrior

Today I'm heading back into the world to embrace my nomadic habit! I am finishing off the trip I had started back in 2013. The last few months have been a personal journey of transformation and I'm excited to get back on the road with my new found strength. When I came home in April I had stumbled upon an old poem that I wrote a few years ago called Worrier To Warrior. It was an evolution that I had craved but not yet tasted. Upon reading it I realized I had finally made the transformation. I was inhabiting the poem. I was no longer the worrier, I had become the warrior. I had to personify the poem, I had to be the poem. And so, I did just that.

This is a self portrait series of self transformation. Poetry personified.

Worrier To Warrior

I wish it so. I wish it a go. I wish it would flow.

Feathers in my hair, bare, Stare.

Passive persona buried in desert dunes, Like a phoenix rising, Wing span of the moon.

Mud upon my feet, my face— this place. Oh this glorious space to feel, to be, With everything I am With everything I see.

I am covered in earth.

Like a cactus in the rain, Parched but oh so quenched,


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Shot on location in Joshua Tree

Warrior outfit and jewelry provided by Fuggiamo

And so, I'm heading out into the world feeling like I can conquer it.

I am standing tall.

First stop? Indonesia.