Women + Solo Traveling

GOSOLOTraveling hardly seems like an option to me anymore. It's such an integral part of me that it has become a lifestyle. I live to travel and I travel to live. Before my year long trip I was a timid traveler. I hadn't faced the world alone and feared traveling solo as a woman would be both dangerous and intimidating.

As the trip progressed I thought, 'I can do this.' All the things I feared slowly started melting away. Could I handle all the logistics? The physicality? The complications? Yes, yes, and yes. I grew more confident and 'I can do this' evolved into 'I will do this.'

I'm currently gearing up to embark on my first solo trip to Indonesia and Australia in August. I am anxious to dive into the experience.

As I was doing my research on Yahoo Travel, it turns out many women are boarding planes alone. As I perused the site, I found THIS fantastic article about the rise of women who travel solo. According to the article, 72% of American women will travel solo this year. Go women! The article also tells of inspiring women who have done bold things like climb Mt. Kilimanjaro alone as a 40th birthday celebration. There are so many courageous woman who are willing to take a chance on the world.

I challenge all you women out there to be brave and make the leap into the world. Even if it's just a short trip. For all the women who have done solo trips, what were the challenges? What was the beauty of it? Lastly, any tips?

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