Bali, Indonesia | Part 1 | Tanah Lot

All Rights ReservedWhile Bali is touristy and certain tourist spots are often met with crowds, there is always still a magic quality about them when it comes to Bali. Here we visit Tanah Lot, a beautiful temple which I have visited several times as a child. Even as an adult, I am always impressed by it. Should you choose to take the stairs on the rock formation, you must wait in line and be blessed with holy water before entering. Watch out for the poisonous snakes that live at the base of the temple.All Rights Reserved All Rights ReservedAll Rights ReservedTANAHLOT_5TANAHLOT_6TANAHLOT_7All Rights ReservedTANAHLOT_9All Rights Reserved Don't forget to check out the local outdoor market at the temple entrance to find some good bargains as well as good local eats.

Speaking of local eats, what is my favorite Indonesian treat? Es Campur.

Es campur literally means ‘mixed ice' and although you may expect an ice cream cone or a sorbet, the ice in this sweet little dish stands for ice cubes. The ice cubes float in a mangkok (bowl) filled with milk, coconut shavings, avocado, nangka (jackfruit) and several kinds of jelly. All Rights ReservedAfter Tanah Lot, a drink at the W Hotel in Seminyak was the perfect ending. All Rights Reserved All Rights Reserved