Double Bed Depression

We survived the Trans-Siberian Railway and while I gather all of our photos, I promised a rant on the elusive double bed... DOUBLE BED DEPRESSION: When you travel as a couple and find a crevice between the two of you because a double bed means two twin beds pushed together.

What’s up with you Europe?

We’ve been traveling for about 2.5 months through 7 countries and maybe encountered 3 true double beds where we could spoon appropriately under one blanket. True, we’ve been staying with a lot of my family/friends so any accommodations are suitable as we are guests, but when you book hostels or hotels and specify a double bed and get some variation of a double bed, the disappointment sets in. Variations include: two twin beds pushed together with separate twin bedding, two twin beds pushed together with a double size top blanket, or two twin beds pushed together with a thin double mattress on top of the two creating the illusion of a double bed only to find two twin blankets on top. Alas, these are all faux double beds. We thought for sure when we booked a Best Western in Berlin we were going to cuddle the nights away, but there we found ourselves staring at each other in grief over the “fault line,” as we like to call it.

Where are all the double beds???

Is cuddling a lost art?

(see variation # 2 below in Venice: two twin beds pushed together with a double bed blanket.)


I wrote this piece while on the Trans-Siberian Railway as we we slept in separate bunks for 3 days and once we reached Irkutsk and checked into our hostel, we found a TRUE double bed.

Guess we have to go all the way to Siberia for proper snuggling. Maybe because it's so cold here in the winter, they know they have to seriously cuddle up to stay alive. Snuggling for the sake of survival in Siberia.