Jodhpur, India

After we survived our tuk-tuk ride to our hotel, we settled into a lovely heritage guesthouse. I don't usually post anything about where we stay because as a backpacker, there is usually not much to get excited about. We spent a little more this time and I fell in love with the decor. Shahi Guesthouse is a 350 old mughal-style Haveli, situated in the oldest part of the blue city. The building is rich in history and was originally the “JANANA DODI”, or women's area, of Rajput Officers' quarters. Traditionally, women met here in purdah and the haveli maintains many of its original features such as stone lattice work, balconies and an open central courtyard.

We got to stay in two of the six rooms and enjoyed our meals on the rooftop which boasts quite a view of the blue city as well as the fort atop the hill. Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_1 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_2 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_3 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_4 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_5From the rooftop there were ample photo opportunities...Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_6 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_7 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_8 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_9 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_10 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_11 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_12From the roof you are encircled with all sorts of noise... prayer calls, stray dogs fighting, the city noise below (constant honking), and a night wouldn't be complete without young kids setting off fireworks. This is not only extremely unsafe, but because the buildings are so close together, it becomes highly annoying when you are trying to go to sleep and fireworks are going off feet from your window. Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_13 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_14The following day we climb to the top of the hill to check out the Mehrangarh Fort. It is quite opulent inside and it houses a museum along with grounds to roam, a restaurant, and other nooks and crannies. It is easy to spend a few hours here. Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_15 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_16 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_17 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_18 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_19 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_20 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_21 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_22 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_23 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_24 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_25 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_26 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_27Like I said, while this is somewhat calmer than the other cities we've visited, it is by no means calm. This coming from two New Yorkers. The streets still emit the same chaos. Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_28 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_29 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_30 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_31 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_32 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_33 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_34 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_35 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_36 Jodhpur_Marianna_Jamadi_37Stay tuned for the next post where we day trip it to the Thar Desert to ride camels for the third time.