Maibe Maroccolo - ARTIST SPOTLIGHT

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.30.17 AMMaibe Maroccolo reached out to me when she stumbled upon my block printing workshop in India but I was quickly consumed by her artistry. She is gorgeous and so is her work. If you loved my block printing story, you must check out Maibe Maroccolo who hails from Brazil.


I'm a textile artist, maker and dyer that works with organic dyes and fabrics, focusing on the creative reuse of natural materials. I gained my inspiration from nature and ecological principles found in permaculture. The theory of permaculture living is simply that if we accept man as an animal we will always have needs and demands from the land and environment, then, through education, inspiration and a dedicated view towards the future, man must put back what he has taken for any chance of the cycle to continue and prosper.

In 2012 I founded my own consultancy and fashion brand "Mattricaria". Mattricaria grew out of the idea of producing honest products and making beautiful garments that are a living blueprint for my values: people and the planet are central to everything we do. Our products are handmade and dyed in organic cotton and sustainable materials, using traditional dying skills and Brazilian raw material. We seek to encourage thoughtful buying by giving our customers a personal connection to their purchases. We give customers an alternative to fast fashion that has a devastating impact from sweatshops, child labor to pollution, and global warming. I support healthy integration between nature, culture, and preservation of traditional textile methods. Mattricaria is the scientific name of chamomile (Matricaria Chamomilla), which refers to calm, slow and lightness, so that's my inspiration!

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I'm very curious when comes to traveling. I love going to different and exotic places, but my heart is where the nature is, so my sacred escape is Chapada do veadeiros in Goiás. It is 3 hours from home (Brasília, capital). It's a gorgeous landscape full of exotic flora and fauna, lots of spectacular waterfalls, bizarre rock formations, caves, and grottoes. According to NASA, when observed from outer space, the Chapada’s high plateaus are the most luminous point visible on Earth; this bright glowing is caused by the reflection between the sun and the abundance of quartz crystal in the region.


I always take my family pictures with me! They always make me smile and they remind myself of who I am and it keeps me going in order to achieve my purpose in life, spread love, and be kind to others.