Boat Magazine | LA ISSUE

Many of you know that I am a huge fan of Boat Magazine. Their latest issue is near and dear to my heart as it is an LA issue and I was lucky enough to be a contributor! I photographed a story about people who sleep in their cars in Venice Beach as it has been controversial as of late and I also photographed and wrote a piece on the amazing Matthew Biancaniello (bartender extraordinaire). I had the chance to go foraging for local cocktail ingredients with Matthew in Malibu this summer.

Purchase the latest issue either online or find out which local spots carry Boat! Find the stock list here.  A special thanks to Erin Spens, editor of Boat for making this possible! Check out a few spreads below!

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When I got to LA I had reached out to Boat Magazine because I fell in love with their aesthetic, nomadic nature, and content. Each issue is dedicated to a different city around the world and as the universe would have it, their next issue was to be an LA issue. Enter happenstance. I didn't want to miss the boat so to speak. I'm currently working on two stories due out in September and I couldn't be more excited to be among such amazing collaborators within the pages of the most ridiculously beautiful designed magazine. PRE-ORDER NOW!! Available here. boat

And in case you missed it, Boat had previously featured me on their website a few months ago.

Check it.