Khao Lak + Similan Islands | Thailand

After Phuket, we headed north to Khao Lak with the purpose of heading to the nearby Similan Islands. I didn't have any expectations when it came to Khao Lak, but was surprised by how much I liked it. Khao Lak was the hardest hit in Thailand in the 2004 tsunami with an unofficial death count of around 10,000. While it is quite mountainous, it devastated the coastline.

The beaches are relatively quiet with patches of resorts and shacks.

KHAO_LAK_1 KHAO_LAK_2 KHAO_LAK_3 KHAO_LAK_4 KHAO_LAK_5 KHAO_LAK_6 KHAO_LAK_7We were most interested in the Similan Islands and booked a tour with Fantastic Similan Travel. The tour company is primarily employed by ladyboys and they really are fantastic. We made three stops and the water was clear and the views were amazing.

Similan_1.1 Similian_1 Similian_2 Similian_3 Similian_4 Similian_5 Similian_6 Similian_7 Similian_8 Similian_9Similian_11 Similian_12 Similian_13 Similian_14 Similian_15Similian_16 Similian_17 Similian_18 Similian_19 Similian_20 Similian_21Similian_22So the trip was 'fantastic' except that a jellyfish managed to attack both my legs and now I have the nasty scars to prove it.