Fort Kochi | Kerala, India

We were sad to leave Agonda as we were growing accustomed to our morning coffee while watching the waves crash, our comfy tent, our daily beach walks and swims, and good eats. We said goodbye to Goa and hopped a plane to Kochi in the state of Kerala. We are staying in the area of Fort Kochi where there are clear remnants of Portuguese, Dutch, and British colonization. Several religions are visible here and there's even an area called Jew Town, complete with a Jewish synagogue and cemetery.  The area is full of color and some pockets of old colonial architecture had me feeling like I was in the alleyways of Europe. Sadly, most buildings have fallen into disrepair.

A noticeable difference here are the streets are much cleaner than what we've seen in India, however there is still a sewage/trash problem. Also, they speak Malayalam in Kerala and the alphabet is beautiful and quite graphic.

Kochi_1 Kochi_2 Kochi_3 Kochi_4 Kochi_5 Kochi_6 Kochi_7 Kochi_8 Kochi_9 Kochi_10Kochi_11 Kochi_12 Kochi_13 Kochi_14 Kochi_15 Kochi_16 Kochi_17 Kochi_18 Kochi_19 Kochi_20 Kochi_21 Kochi_22 Kochi_23 Kochi_24 Kochi_25 Kochi_26 Kochi_27 Kochi_28 Kochi_29 Kochi_30 Kochi_31 Kochi_32Another main attraction in Fort Kochi are the Chinese fishing nets.

We went on a Sunday, so there wasn't as much fishing action, but to be honest, I'm not sure I'd want to eat any of the fish coming out of these waters. The nets are near to Fort Kochi Beach which seems more like a wasteland than a beach, but perhaps we are seeing it with our Goan glasses on. However dismal it seems to us, it's quite a popular promenade and I use the word promenade loosely. The industrial view is also lost on us.

Kochi_33 Kochi_34 Kochi_35 Kochi_36 Kochi_37 Kochi_38 Kochi_39 Kochi_40 Kochi_41Overall, Fort Kochi is quite an interesting nook with moments that have you forgetting you are in India.

Next post? The backwaters!