Owen & Fred x Nomadic Habit

All Rights ReservedTo all my male readers and female readers who have stylish men in their lives, I'd like to introduce you to Owen & Fred. Maybe what I love most is the fact they operate out of the Pencil Factory in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. (My old stomping grounds). If you are looking for the perfect gift for your travel savvy and stylish dude, consider stuffing those stockings with Owen & Fred. Here, the navy duffel proved perfect for a weekend getaway to Sonoma. All Rights ReservedOWEN+FRED_Marianna_Jamadi_3All Rights ReservedAll Rights ReservedAll Rights ReservedOWEN+FRED_Marianna_Jamadi_7All Rights ReservedOWEN+FRED_Marianna_Jamadi_9OWEN+FRED_Marianna_Jamadi_10All Rights Reserved

PS- They don't stop at just bags.

I love their personalized luggage tags and all these great home goods.

Get shopping. X-mas is on the way!


JOSHUA_TREE_1Since being back in California, I had to visit my beloved Joshua Tree National Park. The landscape is unreal and the stars are glorious.

This camping trip was featured on Ardent Magazine in a two part series. Here is Part I and Part II.

Stay at Hidden Valley Campground if you want to be nestled among amazing boulders.

Below are some images that you might not see in the Ardent feature. Watch out for coyotes!


Black Star Canyon Road | OC, California

When most people think of Orange County, better known (or worse known?) as 'The O.C.' they probably think of either Disneyland, or reality T.V. (Housewives of Orange County, The O.C., Laguna Beach). Truth be told there is beautifully wild side to Orange County absent of the cliché. Enter Black Star Canyon. There are urban legends and tales of the supernatural associated with this area which make it an even more interesting destination. Look out for ghosts. The images below were taken on Black Star Canyon Road in Santiago Canyon. To get to Black Star Canyon, walk Black Star Canyon Road about a mile past the gate and turn right. Happy trails. BLACKSTAR_1 BLACKSTAR_2 BLACKSTAR_3 BLACKSTAR_4 BLACKSTAR_5 BLACKSTAR_6 BLACKSTAR_7 BLACKSTAR_8 BLACKSTAR_9 BLACKSTAR_10

Road Trip With Dad

Now that I am in LA, I've been able to spend some quality time with the folks. I've also been able to appreciate the natural beauty of California as well as indulge in delicious Mexican food. My dad and I took a short road trip down south so he could hit the jackpot at the casinos and I could lounge by the pool. These photos are all off Highway 76 where we stopped off at the amazing Jilberto's Taco Shop. RoadTrip_1 RoadTrip_2 RoadTrip_4 RoadTrip_5 RoadTrip_6 RoadTrip_7 RoadTrip_8 RoadTrip_9 RoadTrip_10 RoadTrip_11 RoadTrip_12 RoadTrip_13 RoadTrip_14

He didn't hit the jackpot, but we did enjoy the view.