Nomadic Habit was started in 2013. It was originally born out of a dream turned reality of backpacking around the world for a year. I documented the entire adventure on this blog and through the journey I discovered a deep passion for documentation. The entire journey ended in the fall of 2014 and Nomadic Habit, just like myself, grew up. This new website represents the next chapter of my life, still adhering to Nomadic Habit's motto of LIVING BIG.

Fully open in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Within that year I had traversed 17 countries, took 10k+ photos, and found words and feelings within me that I didn't even know could exist. I touched the Berlin Wall, saw the midnight sun in the Arctic Circle, ate reindeer, marveled at Red Square, hopped the Trans-Siberian Railway, dipped in the oldest and deepest lake in the world, slept among nomads in Mongolia, rode camels, rode horses, milked goats, drank fermented mare’s milk, climbed the sand dunes in the Gobi Desert, saw the Taj Mahal, got Delhi Belly, got grabbed, got amazing pictures, got eaten alive by mosquitoes, ached for a comfortable bed, wailed for a hot shower, laughed, cried, hunted for Buddha’s tooth, saw blue whales, went for my first scuba dive, island hopped, rode bikes, rode tuk tuk’s, lost clothes, lost my mind, lost faith, broke bread, broke my heart, cut clothes, cut ties, made connections, acknowledged disconnections, wrote words, spat words, held words, felt strong, felt weak, felt big, felt small, carried gear, carried thoughts, carried baggage, threw clothes, threw fits, almost threw up, almost quit the trip several times over, wanted to escape the escape, loved moments, hated moments, was blown away, enamored, shattered, in awe, in pieces, complete, completely unsure, 100% sure, surely wrecked, surely aware, acutely aware, and most importantly, ALIVE.