I am a storyteller. Every person and every place has a story. It’s through other people’s stories that we find our own. It’s through our own that we find each other.

I take photos to capture the feeling of a moment. Whether it’s a person, a place, or a thing, I am always trying to personify a noun. Photos frame a slice of time, a bite of emotion, a hungry heart.

I write because I have to. Words have always been lodged in my joints. Pairing imagery and language is as old as time. Storytelling and storybooks have connected us to civilizations past and it is what has put us to bed as children. Nostalgia, escapism, and humanity is at the heart of storytelling. We often get lost in the triumphs and battles of others, braving moments outside of ourselves to engage in empathy, only to realize that the currency of our own story is priceless.

My name is Marianna Jamadi. I am a half Finnish, half Indonesian creative creature. I was born and raised in California, spent my twenties in NYC, and turned 30 in Thailand when I was in the midst of backpacking around the world. I believe in the power of imagery and the power of words. I'm a dreamer and a doer. My mind is always moving and so are my feet. When I am not photographing or writing you may find me on a sewing machine or amongst a mess of art supplies. I get lost in the creative process. It is through artistic expression that I feel beautiful, balanced, and blissful.